Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen joins ID Effector

The international crosscountry star Astrid Uhrenhold Jacobsen teams up with ID Effector. ID Effector will provide Astrid with personal brand management, including commercial agreements, social media management, digital services and traditional management. Asdtrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen career includes among other World Champion Sprint in 2007, second place owerall Tour de Ski...

Another successfull Expo for Lexus

ID Effector has completed the third Autoshow for Lexus. During the New York Autoshow ID Effector has delivered technology and services covering our Moderation Server, API, Reporting and Human Moderation.    

AT&T Sponsored Tribeca Film Festival uses ID Effector

ID Effector Moderation Server was chosen when AT&T asked New Yorkers to tweet their favorite film then projected the results nightly on the Tribeca skyline. Using the ID Effector Moderation Server, the Moderation Dashboard and API the Tribeca Film Festival could monitor, collect, store and moderate all the tweets and...

Human Moderation

Human moderation is a service were we do live moderation of any content. With this service, our highly trained moderators will monitor and moderate pictures, text, tweets, comments and other content based on rules set by our client.

Moderation Server

The core of the ID Effector Moderation Technology System is the ID Effector Moderation Server. This platform makes it possible for us to deliver a one-of-a-kind service to our clients. The system consists of seven main modules/systems.

Protecting your brand

Moderation of campaign pictures, tweets, comments and user-generated content from social media is paramount to protect any business, trademark and product.

Personal Brand Management

ID Effector assists Norwegian sports and cultural profiles to think in new and different terms related to brand and profile building. The main goal is to optimize the individuals commercial revenue potential on digital and traditional channels.